cars of the 80's Renault 5

The Iconic British Cars of the 80’s Most Families Had

These cars took us to the supermarket, took us to school and were packed to the rafters on trips across the UK.

Here are some of the classic family cars of the 80’s that took us all places.

They may not be the most exotic cars of the 80s or the cars we wanted to have from our favourite 80’s TV shows are sure to evoke some fuzzy feel-good memories of happy days growing up.

Whilst being mass produced these 80’s cars are sadly getting rarer to see on the roads as each year goes by.

Let’s invoke some happy nostalgia filled memories and see if you’re family had one of these classic family cars of the 80’s.

Let’s go…

Austin Metro

metro cars of the 80's

Made famous by Princess Diana who had one.

The Metro was the 80’s alternative to the long-running Mini.

Sportier models include the MG Metro Turbo which had a bit more poke to it.

Renault 5

Renault 5

The boxy Renault 5 was a Mum’s school run favorite.

Every kid wanted their parents to get GT Turbo though because they are awesome.

It was replaced by the Renault Clio in the mid 90’s after a long production run starting in the 70’s.

Ford Cortina


The early 80’s family car.

The Cortina had been in production in various forms since the 1960’s.

Even after their replacement came out they were still on the roads in big numbers until the late 80’s, especially in that browny gold colour.

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