cars of the 80's Renault 5

The Iconic British Cars of the 80’s Most Families Had

Rover 3500 (SD1)

Rover SD1

A honking great 3.5 lite V8 adorned the Rover 3500.

Big and definitely one for executives. A favorite for the Police in the early 80’s too.

Volvo 740

Volvo 740

Safety came first with this classic Swedish car. A very middle-class car to be in. Your family were doing alright if you had one of these.

You probably had an estate version too… which leads on to…

Saab 900

Saab 900

A bit of yuppie family car.

Expensive and tad rarer and mysterious on the school run but you were probably quite well off if you had one these to take you to school in.

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