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The Scary Kids TV Shows From The 80’s And 90’s That Everyone Watched

Eerie Indiana

Eerie Indiana was cult viewing and was a full-blown horror show for kids.

The entire town it was set in was full of demons, ghosts and weird goings-on from people becoming immortal by preserving themselves in Tupperware to Elvis mowing his front lawn.

The episode when Marshall is made Harvest King and has to track down the Eerie wolf is horror at its best.

The show ran for only 19 episodes but that was enough to cement Eerie Indiana as an all-time great.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Are You Afraid of the Dark followed a group of teenagers known as the Midnight Society who got together tell scary stories.

Each episode would show the viewer the story being told, meaning that it was episodic like the Twilight Zone rather than a continuing story.

Episodes included Clown ghosts, a killer pinball machine, Vampires, Alien toymakers and lizard monsters.

It was genuinely scary in places and had us on the edge of our seats every week.


Terrahawks was a Gerry Anderson production and was seriously freaky.

In the show, the Terrahawks were an intergalactic fighting force set up to protect the Earth and Mars from an evil alien invasion led by the psychotic and terrifying Zelda.

Puppets can often be odd and these were particularly scary. If you thought Captain Scarlet or Thunderbirds were a bit creepy then Terrahawks took it way beyond.

The villains were genuinely scary to look at and were just as menacing as they looked and was always on a Saturday afternoon.

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