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The Scary Kids TV Shows From The 80’s And 90’s That Everyone Watched


Everyone loved Knightmare, didn’t they?

The computer-animated game show which saw one contestant guided through a computer-generated dungeon by their teammate was essential viewing but at times it was tense and terrifying.

Who can forget the sound of the goblins chasing the Dungeoneer down a passageway or the tension as the team attempted to work out a riddle while danger crept ever closer.

Even the health meter, which saw a face disintegrate as it went down, was scary.

As Tregard would say, ‘Ooooh nasty’.

The Tomorrow People

Revolving around the premise of human evolution The Tomorrow People was both chilling and weird in equal measure.

It was one of those rare shows aimed at young teens that didn’t talk down to them, in fact, it tried as hard as it could to scare them and keep them guessing.

In the show a group of children developed Psionic powers after they evolved after “breaking out” but their newfound powers make them outcasts.

Even worse they can’t intentionally kill anyone, which sounds like a good thing in a kids’ show but it really wasn’t.

The show was originally from the 70s but it was repeated in the 80s and actually remade in the 90s.

Look and Read

Now, bear with us on this one. Yes, the long-running Channel 4 series was made for primary schools but for those of us who saw it at such a young age, it was harrowing.

Shows like Through the Dragon’s Eye or The Boy From Space really challenged us and at such a young age we were easily scared.

One particular scene from Through the Dragon’s Eye where the heroes are drowning in a bog will stick with us forever. And we’ll never forget how to spell quagmire again.

And let’s not forget the evil skeletal force that’s hunting them down,

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