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The Scary Kids TV Shows From The 80’s And 90’s That Everyone Watched

The Demon Headmaster

The Demon Headmaster was about a young girl who is fostered by a family who send her to school with her two foster brothers.

The school turns out to be very odd and is run by a sadistic headmaster who is determined to stop her from learning the truth behind the strange goings-on.

The headmaster was realistically scary as he yelled and bullied the young girl and the first time we saw his eyes glowing he went from just a sadistic teacher to a genuine demon.

The Demon Headmaster ran for three seasons between 1996 and 1998 and it scared the living daylights out of us.

The Tripods

Tripods was based on a series of books by John Christopher although you could easily be mistaken for thinking it was loosely based on War of the Worlds.

In Tripods, a young man called Will decides to start an uprising against the aliens that have enslaved humanity.

The aliens use giant three-legged machines to hunt down humans and keep them under their control.

Whilst the Tripods didn’t appear all that much in the show it was the constant threat of their appearance that kept us on edge.

The series was criminally left on a cliff hanger and cancelled before we got to a real ending which has left fans crying out for a final season ever since.

The final scene in the show was absolutely harrowing as the heroes were being hunted across the Alps by a group of armed Tripods.

Special Mention

It feels only right to give a special mention to a little-remembered show called The Incredible Games.

Whilst most of the game show wasn’t particularly scary the final level was pretty scary to a young child.

The final level, of course, was where the contestants would face the Dark Knight who would stalk the players across a chessboard.

This encounter was extremely tactical and turn-based which added to the tension massively and none of us wanted to face the Dark Knight.

Even David Walliams’ voice over couldn’t lessen the fear.

Your Choices?

So that’s the Retroheadz list of scary kids TV shows. What shows did you find scary when you were at school? Let us know in the comments below and tell us if you agree with our choices.


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