Saturday Afternoon TV Heaven: The 80’s Shows That Made Our Day!

What a time to be a kid!


In today’s world of hundreds of TV channels, streaming services and YouTube stars galore it’s much harder for the youth of today to collectively enjoy things on a national scale. As children of the 80’s we were incredibly lucky to have some amazing TV to watch especially on a Saturday afternoon and considering we pretty much had four channels we really weren’t short of entertainment.

Here’s what we think is the best choice of awesome programs we all watched if we weren’t out being dragged around the shops by our parents or playing out with our friends this was your entertainment once the Saturday morning kids programs like Going Live and Motormouth had finished unless your Dad hogged the TV watching Grandstand all day that is!

ITV Wrestling

itv wrestling

If you remember Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy then you probably remember tuning in to see the best of British Wrestling on ITV. It ran until 1988 so might be a bit hazy for our younger readers i.e. mid-30’s!

Kick Start & Junior Kick Start

kickstart BBC

Who wouldn’t have wanted to be on this? Motorcycle Trials riding was a big thing in the 80’s and we watched skilled kids riding their trail bikes over some seriously difficult obstacles which caused crashes and falls galore! Who didn’t want to do this in themselves? Oh and it had a seriously catchy theme tune. Kick Start last aired in 1988.

The Chart Show

the chart show

The music video only Chart Show was hugely popular and for many of us was the only way to watch the latest music videos as not many people had access to MTV. The hour long program had no presenters but did have snippets of info about the acts come up mid video and all the big videos of the day were there. It also had charts for Dance, Indie and Rock that introduced you to new acts you never heard of before. It was on Channel 4 first between 1986 and 1989 and then on ITV from 1989 to 1998.

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