the boy from space

Looking back at the School TV Trolley Classic Look & Read Series

Remember the good old days at primary school when the sound of your teacher pulling along the huge TV trolley would be the highlight of your day.  This would be the time when everyone would get comfy on the rectangular carpet area (usually, the only bit of carpet in the classroom) and get ready to sit and watch the BBC school series Look and Read?

Look and Read was created by the BBC and its main aim was to improve children’s literacy skills. Whether it did this or not, we didn’t care, everyone was just excited to watch the next installment of the program that the teacher had picked. Although not before you had to sit in silence for a few seconds and wait for the clock to countdown before Look and Read would begin.

Look and Read never failed to disappoint,  We take a look back at some of the shows that we all watched in the 80’s and 90’s.


It all started off with Wordy, Wordy was an orange blob who lived in his ‘Wordlab’ Space Station orbiting the Earth. Wordy had letters all over his body and with the help from his tracksuit wearing friend Colin used to tell us all interesting things about words, ‘Did you know there are two OO’s in book, look and took’?

Remember the ‘Magic E’ song all about the silent ‘E’ ‘cap becomes cape with me, tap becomes tape with me.’

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