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Looking back at the School TV Trolley Classic Look & Read Series


Fairground was the last Look and Read programme before Schools moved to BBC 2 and seemed to be about another town where the kids have to solve the crimes that are happening. Seriously, was there actually a safe place where any of the children from the Look and Read series could live.

Its set in Easter and Thurston’s Fair has come to town. Ozzie Watson is the lucky lad who’s mum owns the land that the fair is on, we say lucky because technically that means free rides doesn’t it? Not only that she also owns the local sweet shop, which her and Ozzie live above. Come on admit it how many of us wanted to live above a sweet shop when we were kids?

Now every street has to have a pair of busybodies who want to spoil all the fun and Fairground certainly had them.

Mr Grant and Mrs Leach decide to start up a petition to stop the fair from coming to town, luckily this fails miserably, and of course it wouldn’t be a Look and Read story without a pair of villains would it?

It was up to Ozzie and the Fairgrounds daughter Rachel to put a stop to Mr Turnball from getting his hands on the fair.

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