the boy from space

Looking back at the School TV Trolley Classic Look & Read Series

The Boy from Space

The Boy from Space used to give myself and pretty much the rest of the class nightmares, why or why the teacher thought this was a good idea for us to watch still haunts me now. The Boy from Space was the creepy program about the alien child Peep Peep.  This odd looking young boy kind of looked like one of the kids in the film Village of the Damned with his white hair and silvery complexion.

With help from brother and sister Dan and Helen and not forgetting Mr Bunting, Peep Peep has to hide from the evil alien hunter and even creepier ‘Thin Man’ who really was the stuff of kid’s nightmares. This was a programme that I have always wondered ‘Did I really watch that, or was it a figment of my imagination’? After some hunting around on the internet, we can confirm that the Thin Man did exist.

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