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Looking back at the School TV Trolley Classic Look & Read Series

Geordie Racer

‘Howay man’ it’s Spuggy. Geordie Racer must surely stir up some old school memories. Spuggy Hilton was the boy who owned Blue Flash one of the best pigeons in Newcastle and who lived with his family of enthusiastic pigeon racers.

When Tyneside is hit by a spate of robberies Spuggy and his friend Janie turn detective, when their new friend Baz the pigeon trainer starts to get secret messages attached to his pigeons learning of the next robbery that is going to take place Spuggy and Janie try to solve the clues and put an end to the crimes that are happening in their town.

Geordie Racer first aired on BB2 back in 1988, it was shown to school children throughout the country and enjoyed a lengthy run up until 2016.

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