the boy from space

Looking back at the School TV Trolley Classic Look & Read Series

Badger Girl

Badger girl followed the adventures of city girl Debbie (nicknamed Badger Girl because of badger-like streak through her hair) on a farm holiday in Dartmoor. She befriends a badger named Stripey and gets caught up in a pony rustling scam.

Badger Girl and her friends Kiran and know-it-all Norman go exploring on the moor and meet the Badgerman (the hermit living it a hut) who used to be a scientist but has dedicated himself to conservation.  Barker and Deal are the two dodgy men who claim to be from the RSPCA but are in fact actually stealing ponies to sell for their meat in France!

After learning of the Dodgy dealings that are happening with Barker and Deal the trio try to play detective and stop them but end up being captured, so who is going to save them we all wondered??? Of course it’s Stripey the badger that comes to the rescue and beats up the two villains.

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