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Gamesmaster – Looking Back at The Legendary TV Show

Games Reviews

gamesmaster reviews

Whilst the shows focus was on the challenges compared to rival show Bad Influence and its magazine format .

There were of course games reviews, and these were done mainly by video game journalists from the biggest magazines of the day.

The views between them sometimes left us a tad confused as to whether a game was worth buying or not.

Some said they were great and others said less nicer things,

However, they were good to have on the show as it broke up the challenges nicely and gave gamers an insight on to what was coming soon.

The Challenges

gamesmaster challenges

There were usually three challenges per show.

Some were elimination challenges that covered the whole show.

Most were individual ones where audience members pitted themselves against each other to win the coveted Golden Joystick by completing a level the quickest or by winning a one on one challenge on games like Streetfighter 2 or Mortal Kombat.

One time along with winning the Golden Joystick they even had Games Mistress from rival show Gamesworld doing a challenge with the kids (the shows were made by the same production company) with them also winning a ‘date’ with her.

Who didn’t want that?!?

Technically makes it the first e-sports TV show really as well. Consoles featured in the challenges were anything from the Megadrive and SNES to the Neo Geo and sometimes actual arcade machines.

In later series the N64 and Playstation as the series ran during two separate console generations.

Season 3 also had the winners going through to Gamesmaster Team Final so we saw the winners of the heats return.

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