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Gamesmaster – Looking Back at The Legendary TV Show

Gamesmaster was hit show in the 90’s that took gaming out of the bedroom and onto living room screens. We take a nostalgic look back at what made Gamesmaster such a hit show.

Gamesmaster – The Show Itself

gamesmaster title screen Gamesmaster first aired on the 7th January 1992 and was the first series dedicated to video games to ever come out in the UK.

The show ran for seven series overall and the last episode aired on the 3rd February 1998.

It was mainly for kids and teenagers, but it aired on Channel 4 long after the days children’s TV had ended at 6.30pm.

There were between 10 and 26 episodes per season each running for 30 mins including an ad break.

Filming was mostly done in London.

Gamesmaster Presenters

dominik diamond gamesmaster Dominik Diamond presented most of the show, except for season 3 which was hosted by Dexter (Alwight Geeeezer!!!) Fletcher (Soap in Lockstock and Spike in the Press Gang).

Diamond was edgy and sarcastic and Fletcher was regarded as being massively in your face.

Either way both had a style that was very different to anything that kids and teenagers had seen before with innuendos aplenty and put downs galore.

This more mature approach made it feel different to what was experienced in the past.

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