gamesmaster patrick moore

Gamesmaster – Looking Back at The Legendary TV Show

Gamesmaster Settings

gamesmaster prison setting

The settings are what made GamesMaster stand out in our opinion as there was always something new to see in every series.

Series one  of Gamesmaster was set in a church which was a subtle way of saying that video games are the new religion for kids everywhere.

Season 2 was set on an oil rig and the industrial setting really gave the show a harsh and mature feel, unfortunately that blew up at the end of the season ‘killing off’ presenter Dominik Diamond.

Season 3 which Dexter Fletcher presented on was set in an old castle and London Dungeons.

When Gamesmaster returned to season 4, Dominik Diamond was back from the dead (sort of) as he was in Hell with a host of goblin assistants on hand.

Season 5 of GamesMaster was set in Heaven, 6 in Atlantis and finally season 7 was set on a desert island.


gamesmaster patrick moore

If you though the put downs from the presenters were harsh you’d be wrong.

The show’s namesake was GamesMaster which was brilliantly played by Sir Patrick Moore, the famous astronomer who until then was seen solely as that chap who presented The Sky at Night which was on at ridicoulous o’clock.

He was superimposed in a virtual reality setting and gamer’s asked him for help and cheats on the big games of the day.

After being asked, Gamesmaster finally relented and gave it to them not before being savage in his put-downs leading up to it.

What a legend!

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