The Binge-Worthy Classic Series Available To Stream Right Now

The Simpsons – Disney+

the simpsons

What can we say about The Simpsons that hasn’t already been said a thousand times?
Everyone knows the Simpsons and most of us have probably seen every episode.
If you haven’t or you need to get your Springfield fix then all 30 seasons are on Disney+.

Friends – Netflix


If you’re talking about binge-worthy series than you can’t ignore Friends.
It’s the ultimate Rom-Com and now you can relive the greatest love story ever told all over again on Netflix.

We’re talking about the Chick and the Duck obviously.

If that list doesn’t keep you going throughout the lockdown then there really is something very wrong.

We hope you find something to keep you entertained and that we have helped with that in some small way.

Stay safe, stay home and keep yourself entertained.

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