The Binge-Worthy Classic Series Available To Stream Right Now

Parks & Recreation – Amazon Prime

More smiles and feelgood vibes than the human body can handle is what we promise you on Parks & Recreation.
Join Leslie Knope and her unabashed optimism for the complete series on Amazon Prime.
Who wouldn’t want to watch this from the start all over again? Seriously.

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Netflix

Go back to the beginnings of Jean-Luc Picard and join the adventures of the Starship Enterprise once again.
The complete series is available on Netflix and who could really ask for more? Especially after just finishing the new Picard series.
If you love Sci-Fi then this is a great way to pass the time.

The Sopranos – Amazon Prime

The Sopranos is a real contender for the title of Greatest Drama of all time.
It changed television as we knew it when it launched in 1999 and aren’t we all glad it did.
If you haven’t seen it and you love shows like Breaking Bad or The Wire then do yourself a favour and watch the Sopranos.
The entire series is on Amazon Prime.

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