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10 Alternative 80s Horror Movies You Need To Watch

Whilst there are plenty of classic horror films from the 80’s there are many more that get overlooked.

Whether they were too gory for mainstream audiences or just plain weird a lot of these films are criminally forgotten.

Best of all most of these can be picked up for a bargain thanks to their underappreciated status.

Most will be known to horror fans but could well be new to the casual viewer.

So, join us as we explore ten alternative 80’s horror movies you need to watch.

Basket Case (1982)

Basket Case

A genuine video nasty, Basket Case was highly controversial.

The movie told the story of a young man named Duane who is seeking revenge on the doctors who separated him from his conjoined twin named Belial.

That may sound like a typical revenge movie plot but this went way beyond as Belial was a horrifically deformed monster that was carried around in a wicker basket.

Belial is jealous of his brother’s normal appearance so he tries to abuse and kill his brothers girlfriend. It’s grim but highly amusing stuff.

Bad Taste (1987)

Years before he had Hollywood blockbusters coming out of his ears Peter Jackson was creating some brilliant B-movie horrors.

Bad Taste was set in his native New Zealand and featured an alien invasion like no other.

An entire town has gone missing and a group of special agents are sent to investigate.

Meanwhile, a stranger passes through town who is captured by the aliens before falling off a cliff and cracking his head open. He spends the rest of the film holding his brain in with a hat.

It’s pure comedy-horror genius and is stomach-turning gory to match.

Lifeforce (1985)

The 80’s weren’t kind to Hammer Horror but there is one shining gem amongst their releases from this period.

Lifeforce starts out as a science fiction movie with a space mission to an abandoned ship.

It quickly descends into horror though as space Vampires intent on breeding with humans are brought to England.

Lifeforce has a notable appearance from the legend that is Sir Patrick Stewart which instantly makes this a must-watch film.

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