resident evil 3 on the ps4

Resident Evil 3 Is Getting A Full On Remake For PS4

Resident Evil 3 was a huge hit on the original Playstation back in the day and Playstation 4 owners will get a chance to experience it all over again as it’s being remade for current gen console players.

What’s New For Resident Evil 3?

The game which was announced on the official US Playstation blog will naturally have a super shiny graphical overhaul and improved camera angles to put players at the centre of the action.

On top of this there looks like there will be lots of first person action on top of the classic third person gameplay that fans of the series are used to as they take control of Jill Valentine who has to escape from Racoon City.

Here’s the teaser trailer for it. It’s looking good.

Resistance Is Futile

Now, in addition to the main event, the game also included a multiplayer 4V1 co-op game included called Resident Evil Resistance.

Resistance pits you are three others against a Mastermind as you try to escape a whole host of traps and monsters.

Collectors Edition

For fans who pre-order there is a collectors edition which comes with the standard game, soundtrack, an 11 inch Jill Valentine figure, a map of Raccoon City, an artbook and a S.T.A.R.S box which we presume it all comes in. Nice!

When’s Is Resident Evil 3 Out?

The new look Resident Evil 3 is out on April 3rd 2020.

Your Thoughts?

The question remains what do you think of remakes of classic games like this and others like the recent Final Fantasy 8?

How happy are you that classic games like these are getting a new lease of life?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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