metal slug warfare mega drive

Metal Slug Warfare: Sega Genesis/Megadrive version of Neo Geo classic out now

Metal Slug first came out on the Neo Geo in 1996 during a time when 3D ruled supreme in arcades.

The much loved run and gun game was praised for its stunning hand drawn and animated 2D graphics that included incredible detail, humour and bosses so big that they took over the screen and had a string of sequels that are still enjoyed to this day.

Thanks to all the graphical finery on display it was hard to bring the exact arcade experience to homes, the 32-Bit PlayStation version was missing animation frames and the only machine that could cope with it at the time was the Sega Saturn, thanks to a hefty 4Mb Ram cartridge being included that could help the Saturn handle the sheer amount of sprites and detail.

So it might come as a bit of a shock that the humble Megadrive/Genesis has a version out for it and no, we’re not joking!

Metal Slug Warfare

The Genesis version of Metal Slug is called Metal Slug Warfare and is currently on version 2.3 which sees a host of improvements since the last version.

The game naturally is a cut down version of the famed Neo Geo game and one that you probably thought could never happen on the 16-Bit machine but here we are in 2023 over 27 years since the games debut and we have to wonder how much ‘Blast Processing’ was used in the making of this game.

Sure, its nowhere near as big or shiny as they might Neo Geo version but that’s not the point, it looks like Metal Slug and play like it so therefore it is!

We bet you want to see the game in action, well here you go.

If you want to try it out on the original hardware then you’ll need an Everdrive to do so a link to which is on the developers page. Enjoy the insane action if you grab it!

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