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9 Mega CD Games That Are Worth Checking Out Today

The Terminator

This is a massive upgrade from the Mega Drive version that came out a couple of years before this one. It looks great although it’s one tough cookie to beat but you won’t mind as it looks and plays great.

The Terminator is a sought-after Mega CD game and goes for quite a bit on eBay so snap it up if you see it in the wild.


silpheed mega cd shooter

Silpheed is an on rails shoot ‘em up with pre rendered 3D backgrounds that impressed gamers back when it first came out.

If you love shoot ‘em ups and want something that looks a bit trippy and plays a bit different then Silpheed is one to get hold of and try out.


If you love Cyberpunk adventures and stories, then none come as polished and stunning as Snatcher.

This game is huge, with stunning Anime style graphics, voice acting, an intro that you’ll drool over and a futuristic dystopian Bladerunner styled world that feels alive as you take down psychotic robots who are hell bent on death and destruction.

Now this game goes for hundreds so getting hold of it for cheap is going to be nigh on impossible but if there’s one game to play that takes full advantage of the Mega CD’s capabilities this one is right at the top.

Sonic The Hedgehog CD

sonic cd mega cd

Sega’s blue mascot’s only outing on the Mega CD is a good one.

Controls feel a little bit Sonic 1 rather than Sonic 2 but don’t let that put you off.

It’s a solid and large platformer with Mode 7 styled bonus stages and a fantastic soundtrack to hype you up as you speed through the levels.

It also has a time travel element which is unique to this game that adds another dimension to the game.

Night Trap

night trap mega cd

OK, so we all know that the Mega CD version of shovelware was FMV games, most looked impressive (ish) but game play wise they were in the main all a bit pants.

Night Trap is here mainly because of all the controversy it attracted alongside games like Mortal Kombat and started the conversation about censorship in video games.

By today’s standards the cult game is laughably tame but back then the prospect of young Timmy seeing scantily clad ladies getting kidnapped by grainy looking demonic entities in his bedroom got some parents up in arms about it because suddenly video games weren’t toys for kids anyone.

Overall, it’s reasonably fun to play once you’ve work out what you’re doing although as you’d expect it’s aged but this game has it’s place in video game history and for that fact alone it well worth playing just to see what all the fuss was about.

Your Favourite Mega CD Games?

Did you own a Mega CD back in the day or still do? What are your favourite games to play on this classic console? Share your memories and advice for budding collectors in the comments below.

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