raver dancing to hardcore bangers

10 UK Hardcore Bangers From The Early Noughties

At the turn of the millennium there was a complete shift in direction from many producers and the sound of Happy hardcore as we knew it was about to change for good.

Moving toward a tougher, trance influenced sound with a more polished end product.

Naturally, there would still be plenty of room for the old faithful cheesy vocal accompaniment for which we have all grown to love and most definitely sing along to as we raved our way through the night. 

Here we will take a look back at 10 tracks from a golden era, an era where there was a real mix of styles and anything went in each artists quest to create a future anthem and direction for the scene.

Ponder & HB – White Widow (Elation Recordings)

Released in 2003, this heavily euphoric trance lead track is a work of art. Featured on the 2003 Hardcore Heaven Album “Live at The Sanctuary” and still holds up to this very day. 

The Omen – Ghetto Blaster (Go Mental Dark)

If you ever attended Future Dance then this is a track you will know all about. A cheeky sample of New year’s Day by U2 and Ghetto Blaster has you hooked. 

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