8 More UK Rave & Club Venues That Are No Longer With Us

Opera house bournemouth

Following the phenomenal response we got from our original article on this (check it out here) we decided to look at some more of those classic venues we used to rave in that are sadly gone.

Escape Club – Swansea

Escape will forever be remembered as one of Wales’s greatest clubs. A hub for Trance and Progressive House the club hosted pretty much any big name DJ you could care to mention from the 90’s to the present. The club was almost famous for its low ceiling and massively loud PA system, making it the ultimate sweatbox club. Escape also won Best Trance Night and Best club in the Mixmag awards, something that highlights its quality and respect for the genre.  It closed for seemingly unknown reasons in 2015 after 20 years at the top of its game.

Escape club - Swansea

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