1991 rave anthems

10 Epic Rave Anthems From 1991 That Will Spark Nostlagia

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The Prodigy – Charly


The Prodigy hit their stride in 1991 with the bass and breaks heavy track Charly which featured samples from the unnerving Stranger Danger public information videos from the 80’s that every kid at school had to watch at some point.

The original mix is featured in this list which starts off dark and moody and gets all bleepy as it progresses.

T99 – Anastasia

Music Maestro Please….

T99’s Anastasia is a pure in your face anthem from Belgium where Techno was king thanks to the late 80’s genre called Hard Beat. This track has it all, pounding beats, heavy breaks and lashings and lashings of ground breaking (at the time) Techno sounds and rush inducing lyrics.


L.A Style – James Brown Is Dead

Dutch group L.A Style smashed the airways with the harsh and pounding track ‘James Brown Is Dead’.

The tune was basically stating that Rock & Roll is over and it’s Techno’s time to shine and what a stomper it is.

It was far ahead of it’s time when it came out in 1991 and along with Mentasm and Anastasia helped drive the harder sounds coming out of Europe to the mainstream here in the UK.

Urban Justice Feat Mickey Finn – Some Justice

In the wise words of Altern-8 ‘Watch your bass bins I’m telling you!’

Some Justice was first released in 1991 and was still being played at raves up and down the land in 1992 such was it’s impact on the scene itself with it epic sub bass and magic feet moving breakbeat adding to the pace until it goes in to a hands in the air breakdown stating that we’ll live as one family!

Human Resource – Dominator

One of the biggest hits of 1991 with it’s literal ‘Bigger and Bolder, Rougher and Tougher’ vocals and that amazing hoover sound from the Roland Alpha Juno synth that rips through you. This track was huge, everywhere and paved the way for other genres to appear later on like Gabber and Bouncy Techno where it had an updated and faster version appear in 1996 for the next generation of Hardcore ravers as well as remixes coming out to this day!

Well there you have it, naturally this is just a very small selection to get you started on your 1991 rave anthems YouTube rabbit hole which is well worth exploring. However we’d love you to share your favourite 1991 rave anthems from this seminal year in the comments below. Drop the links so everyone can hear your choices!

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