Revisit The Classic 90s UK TV Ads & Their Iconic Soundtracks

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Back in the 90s people paid attention to adverts, so much so that some would be anticipated like the release of a new album.

The latest big advert would be a TV event and every now and then they would become a social phenomenon.

These weren’t the quick and to the point adverts of old either, these were big budget productions by some of the the world’s most renowned directors.

As well as selling the product many of these adverts would help promote up and coming bands as well as established artists.

A lot of these songs would go on to storm the charts so let’s take a lookback at ten of the biggest tunes and the classic adverts that launched them.

Starting with…


Leftfield – Phat Planet (Guinness – Surfer)

Tick follows tock follows tick follows tock.

The Guinness Surfer advert took everyone by surprise. It was hugely emotive and when coupled with the deep rumbling bass of Leftfield’s Phat Planet it became a sensation.

Babylon Zoo – Spaceman (Levi’s – Spaceman)

One of the most 90s adverts you could possibly imagine.

3D computer graphics and a pitched up rave vocals sold this to the masses.

Bablylon Zoo’s Spaceman quickly became a number one hit and deservedly so.

Some were left disappointed, expecting an all-out rave banger and getting a Grunge infused slab of electronic rock.

It’s still a classic to this day though and rightfully so.

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