noughties Schoolkid memories nolkia ringtone

Every Millennial Schoolkid Will Relate to These Things

Online Editors

There were online editors that would let you bedazzle your pictures and add neon text, plus the ever so popular peace sign. So fetch!

Not forgetting editing your face in a picture next to a celebrity. Good time!

secondary school memories online editors

Downloading Music

Downloading music from LimeWire as quick as possible before your parents caught you was a 00’s Schoolkid’s right of passage.

Then burning that music onto blank CD’s or putting on your bulky and limited memory MP3 player.

secondary school memories downloading music

Monophonic Ringtones

Remember all the cool ringtones from the 2000’s?

Monophonic for the old Nokia phone – which was probably one of the most popular.

And don’t forget about Polyphonic for those who had the cooler, more expensive phones.

secondary school memories ringtones

Feeling Nostalgic?

What are you favourite memories of school? Let us know in the comments below.

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