Every early noughties Schoolkid will relate to these things

School rocked in the early 2000's!

Remember spending your evenings quoting Mean Girls to your best friend on your Nokia or using the quotes in general conversation?

We look back at the things we all experienced in secondary school in the 2000’s with both nostalgia and horror that every noughties Schoolkid can relate to one way or another.

1. School Fields

The happiness that spread through assembly when it was announced that the fields were no longer out of bounds. Girls could sit outside with their friends and make daisy chains, while the boys could play a few rounds of football.

2. New Text Books

The thrill of finishing a text book so you could be given a new one, with clean pages. You’d swear to yourself that you’d keep this one neater than the last and underline the title and date every time.

3. Homework

Staying up late to pimp up your homework with WordArt so that your teachers could just see a PowerPoint covered in massive colourful words and lots of animations.

4. Eraser Pens

The amazement when someone bought in a pen with a pen rubber on the opposite end. Who knew pen could be erased? Lots of people wanted one, but still not everyone had one.

5. House Points

The never ending war between houses and hating your opponents when they received more points than you. Even if your friends were on another team, you still wanted yours to win even if you weren’t that invested in it in the first place.

6. TV Trolley

The noise of the TV trolley being dragged into a room. It didn’t matter what you were watching as long as it wasn’t your teacher. In fact, it didn’t always matter what film it was, as long as you didn’t have to do work.

7. Group Presentations

Absolutely rocking group presentations by taking turns to read a line at a time. Nobody wanted to be the centre stage but nobody wanted to be left out either. There was always a middle ground.

8. Forgotten PE kit

The horror that struck when you realized you had forgotten your PE kit and had to borrow a smelly set from the lost and found box. They were always dirty and either too big or a little too small and always a little bit crusty. Oh the shame…The shame!!!

9. Returning the School Register

How important you felt if asked to take the register back to the office or give a message to another teacher. All eyes on you when you walked into another room.

10. Taking the New Kid Under Your Wing

The new kid being treated as the chosen one and being amazed if you were chosen to look after them. The idea of a brand new friend was always exciting, and everyone wanted to be in that person’s pocket.

11. Phone Confiscated

YouTube videos and the concept of viral videos had just started to become a thing. Everyone had watched “Puppet Pals” or Angry Kid and then had their phones taken away.

12. Online Editors

Badly edited pictures. There were online editors that would let you bedazzle your pictures and add neon text, plus the ever so popular peace sign. So fetch! Not forgetting editing your face in a picture next to a celebrity.

13. Downloading Music

Downloading music from LimeWire as quick as possible before your parents caught you was a noughties Schoolkid ‘s right of passage. Then burning that music onto blank CD’s or putting on your bulky and limited memory MP3 player.

14. Monophonic Ringtones

Remember all the cool ringtones from the 2000’s? Monophonic for the old Nokia phone – which was probably one of the most popular. And don’t forget about Polyphonic for those who had the cooler phones.

There is just some of the things that we all experienced in secondary school from the 2000’s. Have we missed any?

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Poppy is a child of the 00's and in-between writing for her blog and Retroheadz she is out out constantly as all young people should be doing. Poppy is a huge fan of design, photography, art and boxsets. She also loves things from her childhood and this is what she will be covering, naturally!


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