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Every Millennial Schoolkid Will Relate to These Things

Remember spending your evenings quoting Mean Girls to your best friend on your Nokia or using the quotes in general conversation?

We look back at the things we all experienced in secondary school in the 2000’s with both nostalgia and horror that every millennial schoolkid and in some cases those that went to school in the 80’s and 90s can relate to one way or another.

School Fields

The happiness that spread through assembly when it was announced that the fields were no longer out of bounds.

Girls could sit outside with their friends and make daisy chains, while the boys could play a few games of football.

secondary school memories

New Text Books

The thrill of finishing a text book so you could be given a new one, with clean pages.

You’d swear to yourself that you’d keep this one neater than the last and underline the title and date every time.

secondary school memories new text book


Staying up late to pimp up your homework with WordArt so that your teachers could just see a PowerPoint covered in massive colourful words and lots of animations.

secondary school memories homework

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