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Every Millennial Schoolkid Will Relate to These Things

Eraser Pens

The amazement when someone bought in a pen with a pen rubber on the opposite end.

Who knew pen could be erased?

Lots of people wanted one, but still not everyone had one.

secondary school memories eraser pens

House Points

The never ending war between houses and hating your opponents when they received more points than you.

Even if your friends were on another team, you still wanted yours to win even if you weren’t that invested in it in the first place.

secondary school memories house points

TV Trolley

The noise of the TV trolley being dragged into a room. It didn’t matter what you were watching as long as it wasn’t your teacher.

In fact, it didn’t always matter what film it was, as long as you didn’t have to do work.

secondary school memories tv trolley

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