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Matt Bowden/Unplash

15 Epic Roller Coaster Rides That Are Only Found In The USA

Lightning Rod – Dollywood

The worlds first launched wooden coaster, Lightning Rod opened in 2016 to much anticipation.

Launching from 0 to 45mph up the lift hill this beast accelerates to speeds of up to 70mph as it travels along it’s terrain hugging course.

Steeply banked turns and and whippy transitions are a real feature of Lightning Rods layout.

Add to that the incredible Hot Rod car theme make this an unmissable roller coaster masterpiece. 

Fury 325 – Carrowinds

Much like the name suggests Fury stands at 325ft tall.

Manufactured by B & M, Fury 325 will leave you screaming as it reaches a mind bending 95mph.

Fury 325 held the record for worlds tallest Giga-Coaster upon opening in 2015 and has been the top steel roller coaster in the Golden Ticket awards since 2016.

Steel Vengeance – Cedar Point

What was once Mean Streak, was given the RMC treatment in 2018 and turned into what we see today.

This Cedar Point ride is without doubt one of the standout coasters in the world today and contains many of RMC’s signature elements, over banked turns, barrel rolls and a half stalls.

Steel Vengeance is masterpiece in ride engineering SV has set the bar for all others to try and emulate. 

So there you have it, if you have an urge for speed and exhilaration then these US Roller Coaster attractions are well worth checking out.

If we missed you’re favourite or you’d like to share your experiences on any of the above Roller Coaster rides then we’d love to hear about it in the comments below and then check the nostalgia filled rides in the UK that are no longer operating.

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