roller coasters
Matt Bowden/Unplash

15 Epic Roller Coaster Rides That Are Only Found In The USA

X2 – Six Flags Magic Mountain

Upon opening X2 was the worlds first 4th dimension roller coaster and was also the last roller coaster to to be installed by legendary ride manufacturers Arrow Dynamics.

Imagine travelling at up to 76mph all the while being spun forwards and backwards in your seat as you make your way around the course, well that’s exactly what is in store for you if you dare to brave X2. 

Rail Blazer – California’s Great America

Manufactured by RMC (Rocky Mountain Construction) Rail Blazer is one of their Raptor models and is a unique thrill due to the nature of the track and it’s trains.

Riders are sat single file and navigate a course on a single rail, which features three inversions.

The most notable of these is the dive loop directly after the initial drop.

Rail Blazer has been a must experience since it’s inception in 2018. 

Outlaw Run – Silver Dollar City

Opening as the first RMC wooden coaster and the first wooden coaster to feature multiple inversions, Outlaw Run is a thrill a minute experience.

An initial drop of 162ft followed by exquisite use of it’s terrain all lead towards a hair raising encounter of the highest order at a terrifying 68mph. 

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