roller coasters
Matt Bowden/Unplash

15 Epic Roller Coaster Rides That Are Only Found In The USA


Maverick – Cedar Point

This double launch Intamin Blitz coaster reaches a top speed of 70mph and a beyond vertical drop.

The opening of Maverick was delayed after initial testing revealed that the heartline roll after the second launch was too intense. 

A decision was taken to remove the offending element and it was replaced by an S-Curve enabling Maverick to open only a few weeks later than planned in 2007. 

El Toro – Six Flags Great Adventure

An almighty intimidating mass of wood is what waits to greet you as you embark from the station of El Toro.

With it’s 4400ft of track and steep initial drop guests rattle their way through camelback hills and banked turns at a ferocious pace, ejector airtime guaranteed on this monster wooden roller coaster that first opened in 2006. 

Twisted Colossus – Six Flags Magic Mountain

Originally opened in 1978 as a wooden coaster, Collosus was in 2014/15 renovated by RMC into what we have today.


Barrel roll inversions and a near vertical drop await once strapped in on this relentless paced hybrid attraction. 

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