90's happy meal toys batman car figurines

Everyones favourite 90’s Happy Meal Toys

Mini Furbies – 1999

Did you hear me? MINI FURBIES. Having the normal Furby would never be enough and it also meant every kid who was left out from the never ending Furby trend, could get a free mini Furby in their happy meal and rock up to school with a much cuter, tiny Furby. Dreams really do come true.

Tarzan Action Figures – 1999

Bigger than the average burger which meant you really did want to collect them all, oh yeah and it was Disney.

classic happy meal toys lion king stuffed toys

Inspecter Gadget Body Parts – 1999

Probably the weirdest Happy Meal toy, as you only got one body part at a time. So you actually had to collect them all to get the complete toy. Unless you got the ‘secret communicator’, then you were the lucky one.

classic happy meal toys inspector gadget body parts

What was your favourite 90’s Happy Meal toy?

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