90's happy meal toys batman car figurines

Everyones favourite 90’s Happy Meal Toys

Hercules Action Figures – 1997

Action figures will never out date and Disney will always be a winner. Looking at these super cool toys I would just like to ask the modern McDonalds, what are you doing?

classic happy meal toys hercules action figure

Teanie Beanie Babies – 1997

Who doesn’t like Beanie Babies? These TY Beanie Babies were an exciting expansion to our already vastly growing collection. A crowd pleaser to say the least.

classic happy meal toys teanie beanie babies

Tamagotchi Keychains – 1998

Maybe not as cool as the real thing, but on trend enough to accessorize any bag. There was also a small compartment in it to keep all your tiny goodies safe.

classic happy meal toys tamagotchi keychains

Lion King Stuffed Toys – 1998

Soft toys of our favourite Disney characters, it’s not a surprise we had piles of plush toys at home when we were endlessly given them for free.

classic happy meal toys lion king stuffed toys

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