saved by the bell

The Awesome TV Shows That We Watched During The Summer Holidays in The UK


There was no better feeling than that moment when the school bell rung for the final time and then you had freedom for six whole weeks away from teachers and could do what you wanted.

It was awesome but admittedly got a tad boring especially towards the end of it.

Luckily us British kids had some great shows to take some of the time up before we headed off to play footie in the park or burn around on our bikes pretending that we were Street Hawk.

We’ve racked our memory banks and cleared the cobwebs and have come up with a selection of shows that we remember from the late 80’s to early 90’s that we watched because what else was there to do?

Thankfully, they were pretty decent and helped start the day off nicely whether it was blazing hot or chucking it down with rain we usually stayed in to watch these.


Pugwall was awesome, it followed Peter Unwin George Wall and his band the Orange Organics as they dreamt of rock and roll stardom and they nearly made it in the end when they went to Japan to record their album.


Equally awesome was his family, Herohead, Supes and his annoying little sister Marmaloid who used to get bribed with chocolate bars when Pugwall got into trouble which happened quite a lot.

This was a brilliant Aussie import and was on Channel 4 most days.

The show ran for two seasons across 42 episodes and was considered a must watch each morning and rightly so, it was great and you can admit it you still know the music because we do too.

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