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14 Classic Chocolate Bars We Really Miss Eating

There are so many confectioneries we remember from our childhoods but some we really want to see, and eat, again.

Lots of these may have been forgotten entirely while others will always be remembered.

Which of these classic chocolate bars do you remember?

Rowntree’s Toffee & Mallow Eggs

Like a Cream Egg but filled with Whipped Mallow and Toffee these were a treat often bestowed upon us by elderly relatives but boy did we love them.

Rowntree’s Toffee & Mallow Eggs

Nestle Texan

Featuring the classic combo of Chocolate, Toffee and Nougat the Texan is fondly remembered by many as was its catchphrase. Yes it surely was a mighty chew.

Texan chocolate bar

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