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The Awesome TV Shows That We Watched During The Summer Holidays in The UK

Why Don’t You

Why Don’t You was a show presented by kids like you and me and it covered peopled hobbies and gave you ideas of things to do and craft related things to make.

We always remember them saying make this amazing thing to only find out that you didn’t actually have any of the stuff laying around the house to make it.

You either loved this show or spent the next half hour flicking through the four channels or you heeded their advice in the theme tune and turned off the telly and went outside.

Saved By The Bell

Saved By The Bell is quite possibly the best kids TV series ever made.

It was so much fun to watch and who didn’t want to go to Bayside High instead of your boring school and have a head master like Mr Belding or hanging out at The Max eating cheeseburgers after school which definitely beat making do with a 5p ice pole from the newsagents.

This was the show that kept us entertained the most and we even got the TV movies such as the one where they worked the summer at a beach club where Zack, AC Slater, Jessie, Kelly and Screech worked whilst Lisa was a guest at the resort.

It occasionally covered some controversial subjects but in the main was brilliant fun to watch and had us all laughing and wishing we were there too.

What Summer Holiday Kids TV Shows Did You Watch?

That’s it from Retroheadz for now, however, let us know what shows you remember watching during the Summer Holidays that we haven’t covered too.

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