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Ten Classic Kids TV Shows You’ve Probably Forgotten

Ovide and the Gang

Ovide and the Gang, also known as Ovide Video, was a French canadian production that came to CBBC in 1988 before moving to Channel 4.

Ovide was a blue Platypus that lived on a tropical island and was leader of its various inhabitants.

He spends most of his time trying to relax with his friends but the shows villains always got in the way.

The villains were Cy Sly the snake and Bobo who follows Cy around but often helps Ovide.

The Secret Life of Toys

The Secret Life of Toys was a Jim Henson creation that aired on the BBC from 1994.

It followed Ruby Tiger and his toy friends as they told stories in the bedroom of Penny and Simon, the children that owned them.

Its similarities with Toy Story don’t end there as in each episode they have to try and not be discovered by the kids.

the way that the children played with them set up the scenarios for each story.


Spider! originally aired on CBBC in 1991 and was quite unique as a show.

Each episode was essentially a music video as the narrator sung a song about what was happening.

The premise is that of a young boy who’s scared of spiders until he eventually makes friends with a big house spider who likes to follow him around.

Many of the episodes actually had the Spider stopping the boy from getting up to mischief.

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