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Ten Classic Kids TV Shows You’ve Probably Forgotten


Going further back for this one as Moschops was first aired in 1983 on ITV.

Moschops was a stop motion show about a young dinosaur named Moschops and his friends.

The show featured a range of dinosaurs including Ally the Allosaurus, Mrs. Kerry the Triceratops, and Mr. Icthyosaurus.

Mospchops lived in a cave with his Grandfather Diplodocus and Uncle Rex who was a T-Rex.

The group spends a lot of time looking after Flower, the first flower on Earth.

The Adventures of Portland Bill

Another one from all the way back in 1983 this show also aired on ITV.

Portland Bill lived in a lighthouse on Guillemot Rock which was near the village of Mcguillycuddy.

It was a simple show that saw Portland Bill go about his life in the lighthouse and in the village.

All the characters in the show were named after British coastal locations and names that came up in the Shipping Forecast.

The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Pete & Pete was a kids comedy show that aired on Nickelodeon between 1993 and 1996.

It told the story of brothers Pete & Pete and the bizarre goings-on in their neighbourhood.

Little Pete had a tattoo on his forearm named Petunia who has some powers and there is a local superhero named Artie the World’s Strongest Man.

Even now the show is genuinely hilarious so if you didn’t have Satellite back in the day and missed it you really should catch up.

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