Tugs still

Ten Classic Kids TV Shows You’ve Probably Forgotten


Tugs was made by the same studio as Thomas the Tank Engine and was done in the same style.

In the show two companies of Tug boats competed for business in a big port.

The heroes were called Star Fleet and the villains were the Z-Stacks.

They would often get into serious trouble as the Z-Stacks would try to sink them to win their trade.

It only ran for one season on ITV in 1989 which is a real shame as it had real character and was actually far more dramatic than Thomas.


Wizadora is probably the most popular and well-remembered show on our list but it’s amazing how many people have forgotten it.

The show ran between 1991 and 1997 on ITV and had a total of seven seasons.

Wizadora was a trainee wizard who would always try to solve her problems with magic that she hadn’t quite mastered yet.

She would usually get help from the scarecrow named Tatty Bogle although he was usually pretty useless.

There were also the drawer people who were basically a trio of naughty socks.

Wizadora was actually played by three different actresses in total Cathy Lawday (1991), Lizzie Van Der Plank(1993-96), and Lizzie McPhee(1997).

So there we have our list of kids TV shows that people seem to have forgotten.

We hope some of these have triggered some happy memories for you and you’re busy checking them all out again.

There are obviously loads more shows that are sadly forgotten so what are your favourites that nobody else seems to remember?

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