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Best 80’s Movies On Disney+ In The UK Right Now

TRON (1982)

tron on disney plus

Tron is a visual masterpiece that still looks great today in a sort of retro future kind of way.

Arcade loving Computer Hacker, Flynn (Jeff Bridges) gets sucked into the corporate computer program and has to help Tron who is like an anti virus program to take back control of the computer world he’s stuck in and save the day by taking part in gladiatorial style battles including the awesome Light Cycle’s.

This is a brilliant sci-fi movie that was way ahead of it’s time.

Incidentally, its sequel TRON Legacy featuring a superb soundtrack from Daft Punk is also available on Disney+.

Splash (1984)

splash movie

Tom Hanks is the Allen Bauer a wholesale fruit and veg salesman in New York who having had a near death experience with a Mermaid 20 years prior accidentally gets knocked off a boat and rescued again by Madison, played by Darryl Hannah (Bladerunner)

She goes back the sea after saving him and has his wallet so off she goes to New York and from there romance, comedy and action which also has a great supporting cast including John Candy (Uncle Buck) and Eugene Levy (American Pie) who is the sea creature hunting scientist who goes after her.

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