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Best 80’s Movies On Disney+ In The UK Right Now

Honey I Shrunk The Kids (1989)

honey i shrunk the kids best 80s movies on disney plus

Rick Moranis (Ghostbusters) stars as the slighly mad scientist who has been working on a laser that shrinks and enlarges things that will revolutionise transportation everywhere.

Whilst out his kids and the neighbours accidentally get shrunk, end up in a bin bag and get placed at the bottom of the garden.

They then have to make their way home and go on an epic adventure in a world that is familiar and alien at the same time.

This is a classic that everyone will enjoy watching.

Three Men & A Baby (1987)

three men and a baby disney plus movie

What happens when three eligable batchelors who are living the high life in 80’s New York suddenly get lumbered with a baby on their doorstep one morning.

What entails is a hilarious movie where Tom Sellick (Magnum P.I), Steve Gutenberg (Police Academy) and Ted Danson (Cheers) have to change their ways and look after the baby who they accidentally give to some crooks after a misunderstanding and go and get her back.

If you enjoyed watching this then the 1991 sequel Three Men and a Little Lady is also available to watch on Disney+ too.

Tuner & Hooch (1989)

turner and hooch 80's movies on disney+ uk

Our final 80’s movie that’s worth watching on Disney Plus is another classic movie starring Tom Hanks who is a detective who takes in a dog called Hooch who is the only witness to his partners murder.

Chaos reigns throughout as Turner looks after the unintentionally messy dog and with his help catches the criminals and saves the day.

So there you have it, that’s our choice of the best 80’s movies in Disney+ in the UK right now. What are you going to watch first? Let us know in the comments below.

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