best 80's movies on disney+ adventures in babysitting

Best 80’s Movies On Disney+ In The UK Right Now

Disney+ is finally upon us in the UK and it couldn’t have come at a more pressing time.

With lockdown everywhere and many people on hold due to the pandemic in the UK right now it means we all have a lot more time free for entertainment at home where we all need to stay.

Best 80’s Movies On Disney+

Luckily, for those hankering for some 80’s movies Disney+ has some classics for you and the kids, if you have them, to watch together.

Here’s our round up of the best 80’s movies on Disney+ in the UK right now that aren’t Star Wars related that are available to watch right now on the new family friendly streaming service.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

who framed roger rabbit on disney plus

Bob Hoskins stars as the cartoon hating private detective, Eddie Valentine who teams up with Roger Rabbit to save Toon Town from the evil Judge Doom (Christoper Lloyd).

This classic from 1988 won four Oscars for its visual effects and is a brilliant and captivating movie to watch over and over again.

Adventures In Babysitting (1987)

adventures in babysitting

What starts out as a standard babysitting job for Chris (Elizabeth Shue) turns into one big adventure to the big city for her and the kids she’s looking.

After her car gets towed away, she and the kids need to make it back in time across the mean streets before their parents get home.

Adventures in Babysitting a classic movie that every 80’s kid wanted to happen back in the day rather than getting a pizza delivered and being sent to bed early.

It was also known under a different name as ‘A Night On Town’.

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