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10 Reasons Why The Santa Clause is a Perfect Xmas Movie

It’s Not Your Usual Christmas Movie

santa clause toy factory

When you think of Christmas movies, accidentally killing Santa Claus probably isn’t top of your thoughts. It’s not a ‘classic’ Christmas film, but it’s definitely a family one. There’s something for everyone to enjoy from adult jokes to children’s spirit. It makes an ordinary man become one thing that kids admire for a long time.

It Never Gets Old

santa clause on the sleigh

It may be that The Santa Clause isn’t a traditional Christmas movie, but it’s definitely up there on movies to watch each year. The humour of The Santa Clause combined with the holiday spirit livens up your Christmas and makes you want to be a kid again. Some people may disagree, but we definitely believe that this one is great to bring out every year and one day you may see it in a whole different perspective as you grow up.

The Colour Red

santa clause red

It’s funny how the fatter and grey-er Scott gets throughout the movie, the more colour red he wears. At first he was just wearing what could fit him, but it’s rather comical (and apt) that he wears the colour that suits his role. And this is even before he had fully accepted who he was becoming. It’s interesting though, that with each day he became a little bit more like Santa and eventually gives in and has kids queuing up to sit on his knee and tell him what they want for Christmas.

Is this a must see Xmas movie for you? Let everyone know if it is and if not what movie is in the comments below.

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