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10 Reasons Why The Santa Clause is a Perfect Xmas Movie

Neil Miller

santa clause scott replaces Married to Charlie’s mum, he’s the one who tries to convince Charlie that Santa Claus isn’t real. He’s the ‘down-to-earth’ psychiatrist. The truth is, we’re made to dislike this guy. He tries to take away the Christmas spirit and convinces Charlie’s mum that it’s unhealthy to have such a belief. This character is so patronizing that it’s almost funny and he is the one who turns out to be wrong, which is not what you’d expect from his job title.

Christmas Spirit

santa clause xmas spirit No matter what anyone tried to tell Charlie in the whole film, he never gave up. The best thing about this is that even when Scott couldn’t believe what happened that night is real, Charlie never stopped. He is the main reason for Scott becoming the man that he is (no, not just Santa Claus). He becomes the man everyone thinks Santa Claus is. For children, this movie is so magical, and for adults it reminds them of how they thought when they were young and believed in Santa Claus.

The Elves

retroheadz santa claus elves They may look like children, but they’re actually older than anyone watching the film. Considering they are child-actors in the film, they’re very good at acting as if they are adults. Judy, one of Santa’s helpers, is a very wise elf and tells Scott that for adults, seeing is believing. But for kids, they don’t need to see to believe because they ‘just know’. The elves come in all different personalities from kind and gentle, to ‘elves with attitude’.

There’s No Way Out

santa clause changing in to santa One thing that’s so great about the movie is that it’s as real as it could possibly be for Scott. The journey to becoming Santa Clause wasn’t easy for him. He had trouble with his job when he had to go to work in a grey tracksuit because his suits wouldn’t fit him, he had to go to the doctors and figure out what was going on with his body, but found out he’s perfectly healthy. Not forgetting how he tried so hard to dye his hair and shave his face to stay the same man, but inevitably his fate was to look and be Santa Claus. There was no easy way out for him, and that made the movie all the more real.

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