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The 80’s Cyber Future We Imagined Is Here With The Tesla Cybertruck

It’s not very often we get excited about a new car as to be honest they are all a bit boring looking, even Super cars generally fail to excite us compared to the cool sports cars from the 80’s we’d love to own.

The Future Is Now

It looks like the future as depicted in 80’s Sci-Fi movies has arrived with the new Tesla Cybertruck.

The new electric pick up truck certainly looks like an 80’s concept car with it’s cold rolled steel body that looks like the Deloreon’s big brother and will hopefully usher in a big change in car design going forward.

The awesomely named off roader looks boldly stunning with its minimalist front and rear lights and angular polygon look it feels like it came from some futurists cyberpunk designs from the 80’s or a real life model 1 Sega arcade racing game.

Want to see it in action? Check this out!

How Quick?

Luckily, it’s not stuck in the 80’s as it comes with up to a 500 mile range and a sub three second 0-60 for the top end model beating out petrol powered Porches with ease even though it’s huge.

The Tesla Cybertruck was shown off at the launch event by Elon Musk alongside a companion ATV electric Quad Bike

The Cybertruck also comes with power outputs to plug things in direct to the vehicle and can seat up to six people as well as tow a huge load with ease and as it’s a pick up has stacks of storage throughout.

The bold design is not liked by everyone but we love it as it feels like the future we all grew up with has finally arrived. albeit a cyberpunk synthwave one.

The Tesla Cybertruck is available to pre-order on the Tesla website with deliveries expected in 2021 and already has over loads of pre-orders.

The only question remains is what do you think of it?

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