new nissan z car

Nissan Reveals New Retro Styled Z Car In Teaser Video

Nissan has just released a new video showcasing their upcoming line up of cars.

Amongst all the updates to current models is one that is surely going to stoke the fires of petrol heads everywhere.

A New Z Car Is Coming

The new Z car is featured in the teaser and stylistically it looks like its going back to its roots with the long bonnet and sloping rear that classic Z cars like the 240Z introduced back in the 70’s that made the world take note that Japanese cars are not just cheap economical runabouts.

Nissan’s new Z car doesn’t have a name yet but speculation is rampant across the web with it being called the 400Z and hopes that it will retain its rear wheel drive drive train that has been a staple of the Z cars since their inception.

Obviously not too much has been given away in the video apart from its shape.

However, its clear that the styling has a retro charm about it and, in time we are sure to have more information about this awesome looking car.

Want to see the video, well here it is.

It’s fantastic to see a new Z car coming and its about time too as the current 370Z is coming up to 12 years of production which has beaten the 1989 released Z32 300ZX in production.

Perhaps this will be the rival Toyota’s Supra and if not, we reckon it will give it a run for its money. What do you think?

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