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The Stauf Mansion Awaits: The 7th Guest PC Review (1993)

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Trilobyte Software
FMV Puzzle Adventure
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Phillips CD-i, Nintendo Switch, PS5 (PS VR2) iOS
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PC gamers in the early ’90s had a plethora of titles to choose from, ranging from thrilling action games to intricate puzzle experiences. However, there’s one title that stands out, and that game is The 7th Guest.

Welcome to The Stauf Mansion

The 7th Guest is an interactive movie puzzle adventure game that was released in 1993. It’s like diving into a digital haunted house, with chilling riddles awaiting you at every turn.

The game harnesses the PC’s graphic capabilities in a way that was ahead of its time. It presented visuals that many contemporaries struggled to match, offering a level of immersion that made players feel like they were truly wandering the spooky corridors of the Stauf Mansion.

The 7th Guest was a brilliant showcase alongside other early titles such as Dune of what is possible with the exciting and new (at the time) CD-ROM based future.

What’s The 7th Guest All About?

Set within a creepy, old mansion owned by the enigmatic Henry Stauf, a self made toymaker and players are tasked with solving a series of intricate puzzles. As they progress, they unveil the chilling tales of six guests who mysteriously vanished in the mansion, and it’s up to you to uncover the seventh guest’s identity.

The storyline is brilliantly woven with live-action video sequences, ensuring players are constantly on edge, questioning every shadow and every creaky floorboard.

Thinking back, prior to this game the closest we got to something like this was the board game, Atmosphere with its VHS interactivity.

Visual Treat or Trick?

From the very start, “The 7th Guest” treats players to an enthralling cinematic experience. The pre-rendered 3D graphics were groundbreaking at the time, giving a genuine eerie feeling to the mansion’s exploration.

The attention to detail in every room, from the ornate chandeliers to the chilling portraits, showcases the developers’ dedication in delivering a top-notch horror experience. It’s a testament to their ability to bring out the best of the PC’s graphic potential during the era.

Soundscapes from Beyond

The audio in “The 7th Guest” deserves special mention. The spine-chilling soundtrack, combined with the haunting sound effects, creates an ambiance that is sure to send shivers down your spine. Every creak, every whisper adds layers to the game’s intricate atmosphere.

Puzzle Galore

When it comes to puzzle games, “The 7th Guest” stands tall amongst its peers. Each puzzle is unique, challenging players to think outside the box. The feeling of satisfaction after solving each riddle is unparalleled, making it a rewarding experience for all.

Is The 7th Guest Still Worth A Play?


The 7th Guest is not just a game; it’s an experience. It blends horror and puzzles seamlessly, offering players a unique journey that is both challenging and spine-tingling and is one of the rare full motion video (FMV) games that is fun to play.

For those who enjoy a good scare and love to exercise their brains, this game is a must-have. It’s a testament to the era’s brilliance.

Other Platforms

While “The 7th Guest” was originally designed for the PC and Phillips CD-i, it has since been adapted to various platforms including the Nintendo Switch and even a VR version, ensuring that new generations or those with a serious nostalgia twitch can experience the terror and thrill of the Stauf Mansion again.

But, of course, nothing beats the original version. The nostalgia, combined with the intricate puzzles and chilling storyline makes it a timeless classic and one that those who were there when it came out will enjoy once again as they solve the mystery of who the 7th Guest is.

the 7th guest
The Stauf Mansion Awaits: The 7th Guest PC Review (1993)
Is it worth playing again?
If you're looking for an eerie trip down memory lane then the 7th Guest will do just that. It's a classic that many have forgotten about and is one you should check out again.
Classic Factor
Reader Rating4 Votes
Good Bits
The atmosphere is great from the look through to the way it sounds.
Challenging puzzles throughout
Bad Bits
Annoying when you get stuck
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