magic and legend time knights review

Magic & Legend: Time Knights Gameboy Review

time knights box art
Release Date
Out Now
Gameboy/Game Boy Colour
Action Platformer
Legendary Monkey Magic
$24.99 (Cart) to $42.99 (Fully Boxed)
Our Score

The Gameboy was once as ubiquitous as a mobile phone is today and has only recently lost its title to the Switch as the biggest selling Nintendo console of all time.

Handhelds may have faded away to a footnote in gaming history but the Game Boy out there and indie developers are making games for it still.

One such game which we’re reviewing today is Magic & Legend: Time Knights, a platform adventure from indie dev’s Legendary Monkey Magic.

Now the question you’re probably asking is probably along the lines of should you dust off your old Gameboy (or Gameboy Colour) and order it? Well, let’s find out!

What’s The Story?

Time Knights put you in control of one of two characters called Magic and Legend who take on the role of characters from different periods in time who have to battle their way through five different time periods to save the planet from Alien time invaders.

What’s Time Knights Like To Play?

Well, it’s fun and varied. The levels themselves are well put together and have their challenges which can be hard at times but overall it’s fun and simple and will definitely feel like your a kid again. There are cheats available if you find it too much of a challenge too so if you find it unforgiving then cheat away!

The levels themselves are great with you starting off in the present, then going back (or forward) to Medieval times, the Sengoku period, Ancient Rome and London in the swinging 60s.

Naturally, Time Knights has a final boss to beat as well and bonus stages.

Graphics are good for a Gameboy game as well and overall look and feel will take you back to the 90s once more.

Magic & Legend’s Abilities

The characters in the game have different abilities, Magic can jump on enemies whereas Legend shoots projectiles instead and you can switch between the two at any point to mix things up.

The characters also have a Kid Chameleon thing going on as they have different costumes and period based weapons for each level which is fun to use and adds to the overall gameplay.


Want to see game itself, check out the screenshots.

Chiptunes Yay!

Sound wise, it’s as good as it can be for a Gameboy game, if you love Chiptune music then you’ll be in your element, if not the music is perfect for the game and you’ll probably be humming some of the ditties after playing it.

Is it worth Getting?

Firstly, it’s amazing to see a new full cartridge Gameboy game, it feels like forever since a new one has come out and its clear a lot of love has been put in to the game.

We love the settings for the levels and the unique characteristics of the characters in the game.

Yes it’s pretty standard fare plot wise but remember this is a Gameboy game not some Hollywood budget triple A game.

For collectors and Gameboy owners its a must have although we’re not fans of the box art (to each their own), that shouldn’t put you off grabbing it and adding it to your collection.

Chances are it will only go up in value if that’s your sole reasoning for getting it however, you’ll also have fun playing it which at the end of the day is what gaming is all about.

If you don’t own a Gameboy the developers have stated that it may come to other formats and if you run an emulator you can grab it off and play the first two levels.

magic and legend time knights review
Magic & Legend: Time Knights Gameboy Review
Is it worth playing?
If you want something new for your Gameboy and love action platformers then you'll enjoy this game.
Nostalgia Value
Reader Rating3 Votes
Good Bits
Bucket loads of classic platformer action
Nice and varied levels
It's a new Gameboy game in 2023!!!
Bad Bits
Box art isn't the best looking out there
You'll need a Gameboy to play the full game which might be hard to come by
Retroheadz Score

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