royal mail gaming stamps collection

Royal Mail Launching Iconic British Videogame Stamp Collection

Got a letter to send? Want to make the recipient know that you’re a classic gamer as well?

Well, the Royal Mail are launching a new collection of stamps that celebrate iconic British video games that can help you do just that and dare we say it, they look cool.

The new collection of 1st and 2nd class stamps feature some of the most played games of the 80’s and 90’s and include the following classic games

Prices for the collection starts from £8.92.

Tomb Raider Collection

On top of these there is also a special four stamp collection for Tomb Raider which tops the full collection of stamps

They are also selling these separately for £4.50 for four 1st class stamps and they also have an additional 10 stamp collection celebrating 17 years of Tomb Raider.

Collectors Edition & Pre-Orders

As this is about gaming there are collectors’ editions which come with additional postcards, framed stamps and presentation packs which start from £14.50 up to £45.

Pre-orders are open now on the Royal Mail site and they will be officially available on the 21st Jan 2020.

If you’re looking for something a bit different for your gaming room, then the framed collection could be just the thing for you or you could just use them to send something in the post and quite possibly make someone’s day when they get it through their letterbox.

Who’d have thought that back in the day that The Royal Mail of all things would be celebrating the classic games we used to play eh?

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