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Namco Museum Mini Player With 20 Arcade Classics Coming Out

It seems to be retro gaming heaven right now with all the major arcade manufacturers including Capcom and SNK bringing out dedicated home playable machines for the growing demand in retro gaming that’s happening globally.

Now it’s Namco’s turn with the Namco Museum Mini Player from My Arcade.

What Is It?

The Namco Museum Mini Player is a standalone mini arcade machine with 20 built in games, all from Namco of course.

The machine is 10 inches tall and has a 4.25 inch screen set in a vertical (TATE) orientation to play games on via the controls that are on the machine and has two built in speakers as well as a standard 3.5mm headphone socket.

You can also remove the controller for more comfortable play and it comes with a light up marquee and coin slots which are just for show.

What Games Come With The Namco Museum Mini Player?

It comes with 20 games. They are:

  • Pac Man
  • Dig Dug
  • Rolling Thunder
  • Rolling Thunder 2
  • Rolling Thunder 3
  • Splatterhouse
  • Splatterhouse 2
  • Sky Kid
  • Galaga
  • Galaxian
  • Pac Man 2
  • Tower Of Daruga
  • Dig Dug 2
  • Xevious
  • Pac Mania
  • Phelios
  • Mappy
  • Battle City
  • Dragon Spirit
  • Pac Panic

How Much Is It?

The Namco Museum Mini Player will be available in late September 2019 and will cost £119.99.

As to whether its worth it for that price depends on how big a fan of Namco’s classic 80’s arcade games you are and if you are then it will make a nice and novel addition to your collection as a standalone unit.

In our opinion it does look pretty cool especially with the decals on the side of it, however, with the arrival of other arcade collections it has some fierce competition running against it but if you do want it you can order it right here.

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