sega master system a visual compendium
Bitmap Books

New Book is a Must Have For Master System Fans


Bitmap books have published some amazing books over the past few years and now it’s time for Sega’s 8-Bit Master System to get it’s very own visual compendium.

The official Sega endorsed book has 424 pages packed to the brim about the history of the NES rival that many Retroheadz who are reading this will remember fondly especially readers in the UK where it was hugely popular.

200 Master System Games

The book has interviews with some of the developers and creators of some of our favourite Master System games to ever come out with over 200 featured within the pages of the book which is sure to evoke some serious nostalgia for 80’s kids everywhere from Alex Kidd to Shinobi and Phantasy Star, they’re all in it.

How Much is it?

Sega Master System: A Visual Compendium is on sale now for £29.99 from Bitmap Books which may sound a bit steep but with that you get a highly specialised coffee table book with insights and features that have never been seen before from the people who were there at the time.

It will be a treat for nostalgia fans as well as hardcore collectors of Master System games and memorabilia.

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